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    This device is a unique combination of an elegant design and outstanding technical features. The TX 01 has outstanding capabilities including fingerprint or face recognition,  5.5”, 16:9 aspect ratio, Full HD display, 16 MP rear and an 8 MP front cameras, 4 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM storage plus FREE 32 GB SD card (extendable up to 128 GB with a micro SD card), 3000 mAh battery and duel SIM.




The brand name Blaupunkt equates to reliable German quality, sophisticated European style and an excellent price-value ratio in the case of mobile phones as well.

SMARTCELLTECH the Sole distribution rights for BLAUPUNKT mobile phones in Ireland & UK.

Samsung & Blaupunkt Phones

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 D/S Aura Red NEW


Blaupunkt FS 03 is an easy-to-handle mobile phone with an aesthetic design and traditional functions.


The FL 02 is a traditional mobile phone, in an extremely high-quality design. The target group of this device are those users who use the mobile phone to make phone calls, send SMS, or take photos, and at the same time they would like to have a device with elegant design and quality assembly, which is very well usable.


Extra-small mobile phone? Portable music player? Practical partner for festivals? A great tool to reach your children? Or great gift idea? The FXS 01 is all this, in one. The FXS 01 knows almost everything what a traditional phone knows, but this is packed into a tiny device housing.

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Mobile Phones in Ireland

In the never ending competition between iPhone Vs Android, Apple, Samsung, Nokio, Xiaomi and others are competing hard to win their share of this lucrative market.

Features including the operating system, screen size, interface, colour, camera resolution, processor, battery life and many other factors are weighed up before users opt for any mobile phone.

Keeping a tab on the latest iPhones, surprises from Samsung, Nokia, the Chinese Xiaomi or any new model isn’t easy.  Let’s face it, most mobile phones are incredibly smart with built-in sophisticated features and technology to offer incredible experience.

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Buy Blaupunkt Low-Cost Mobile Phones in Ireland & UK

Blaupunkt mobile phones are creating a buzz like never before.

The brand name has been known for its premium range of speakers, TVs, earphones and car audio systems for many years. And now Blaupunkt’s latest mobile phones are giving many low to medium range market players a run for their money.

Blaupunkt mobile phones are smart with impressive sleek design, metallic body, great functionalities and have outstanding capabilities ( storage, camera quality, battery and more).

With German quality and European sophistication, get the amazing value for money with these mobile phones now available in Ireland and UK.

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